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Nutrition and Health Coaching in Gold Coast, Qld

Why Do You Need A Health & Nutrition Coach


What is health coaching? There are many reasons why you may feel you need health and nutrition coaching. Most people know what they need to do to improve their health and prevent disease, but most often they don't actually 'do' these things. There is so much conflicting information which can be confusing, each week a new 'miracle diet' that promises an easy fix and fast effortless weight loss. If you feel confused, overwhelmed by information, or just don't know how to actually start to improve your lifestyle choices a health coach may be for you. If you suffer from weight gain, digestive issues, acne, low energy, fatigue, mind fog or mood swings, cravings and lack of motivation, or you have goals you want to achieve but need someone to help inspire, motivate and provide you with accountability, the services of a nutrition and health coach, offering health coaching in Gold Coast, Qld may be your answer.



When it comes to living a healthy life there are more factors involved than just what you eat and how much you exercise. The quantity and quality of your sleep, how much stress you have in your life and how you manage that stress, your family relationships and friendships and many other lifestyle factors influence your health and wellbeing. A health and nutrition coach will help to identify your key issues of concern, help you reconnect with your primary goals and establish a structure you need to reach your goals. A health coach will provide you with accountability and encouragement and help you to identify what is holding you back from achieving success. You will learn how to establish healthy habits for yourself, break away from old patterns of negative behaviour and establish new habits that are healthy, achievable, and provide you with long term health and wellness. Health coaches are not doctors. We cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications. A health coach will teach you preventative measures to keep you healthy and break the cycle of destructive negative behaviours and establish new positive ways to eat a more healthy and balanced diet, integrate exercise into each day and become more active, reduce stress, increase rest and focus on improving your quality of life in the long term.

Health Investment


A health coach does not provide you with a 'quick fix' but rather a long term, sustainable way of healthy living. Your investment in your program will ultimately determine your success. Put simply, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. You will meet with your health coach typically twice a month for approximately an hour. The length and content of your program will be determined by your goals and your efforts, and there is no 'one size fits all' program as each person has their own individual needs and will receive their own individual, tailored and personalised treatment plan to suit them. You will have access to ongoing telephone and email support and will be provided with the tools to take what you have learned into the real world and apply this knowledge in real world situations for long term health, wellness and happiness.

Pricing structures vary depending on treatment plans, but as a guide, an hour consultation will be charged at the rate of $90, which includes email  support. Additional charges may apply for telephone support (depending on what is required) but any and all additional costs will be discussed and be transparent, so there are no hidden charges. Any food or exercise programs will be at the clients expense, but there will be nothing suggested that does not fit within the confines of a balanced healthy eating plan.