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Relaxation, Aromafusion and Hot Stone Massage in Gold Coast, Qld


Relaxation Massage

WHOLE BODY RELAXATION MASSAGE is now available. A blissful 1 hour long massage from head to toe, melting away stress and encouraging deep relaxation.    

PRICES - Clinic Treatment - 1 hour - $80 Gift Certificates Available

BACK, NECK & HAND MASSAGE is now available. For a quick destress, if you are busy and on the go, this half hour indulgence is a perfect pick me up. Great as a gift for someone you love

PRICES - Clinic Treatment - 1/2 Hour - $50 Gift Certificates Available

Clinic Treatment - 1 hour - $80 (includes arms) perfect for people with jobs requiring stress on neck arms and hands eg: eyelash/eybrow technicians, computer workers.


Hot Stone Massage

POLYNESIAN HOT STONE MASSAGE in Gold Coast, Qld is now available. What is Hot Stone Massage? Let the warmth from the natural volcanic stones create a deeper more relaxing treatment for your whole body.  Eases muscle tension, enhances sleep, relieves pain, improves circulation. What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage? The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles allowing access to deeper muscle layers, without the invasive pressure of deep tissue massage, providing a healing and effective experience.

PRICES - Clinic Treatment - 1 hour - $90 

            - Clinic Treatment -1.5 hours - $120

Gift Certificates Available


AromaFusion Massage

AromaFusion Womens Relaxation Massage is now available. A decadent combination of Organic Essential Oils & Relaxation Massage, this 1 hour experience will stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relieve tension and improve sleep quality. Oils are specifically chosen to address womens needs. (Please note: this massage is not suitable for people with sensitive skin)  

PRICES - Clinic Treatment - 1 hour - $80  Gift Certificates Available

Green Valley Bowen Therapy, Gold Coast, Qld, requires all fees to be paid on treatment day. Cancellation fees of $20 apply if no notification is given of non-attendance prior to appointment time. Please be respectful of my time. Thank you