What Our Clients Say About Us

I have my life back.

I have spinal spondylosis and peripheral neuropathy, which translated, means my lower and middle back have multiple degenerative problems, and my feet are going numb from the nerve damage in my spine. A few weeks ago I was on strong pain killers and other strong drugs that target nerve pain, just so I could get out of bed, but after a few Bowen treatments with Samantha I am now off the pills and going about my life as normal. I do still have a little back pain, but it is manageable without taking pain medication. The Bowen therapy also helps me to sleep much better and I have no sciatic pain. I will admit, when I had my first treatment, it was so gentle that I thought it couldn’t possibly do anything at all, but then I had the best nights sleep I’d had in months and there was immediate improvement in all of my symptoms, and this improvement has escalated over the weeks since then. I am now totally converted to Bowen therapy, and also in total awe of my Bowen therapist Samantha, who has a real gift for this therapy and also works very hard to find the right program to suit each clients individual problems. She really cares, and is a good listener who asks all the right questions, and then shows great determination in finding just the right moves to treat them. So I guess this is a testimonial, and I have often wondered how many testimonials are genuine, but I can assure you that this one is. The other people my husband and I have sent Samantha’s way are just as pleased with their results as we are. So my recommendation is: if you are considering Bowen therapy, and I guess you would be or you wouldn’t be browsing this site, then give it a go. You won’t regret it. Your body will love you for it. Rhyll A – Banora Point – September 2014

Healing hands.

What a joy it is to reflect and share the benefits I’ve found since attending the Green Valley Bowen Therapy Clinic. I originally sought Sam’s help with alignment for a sore thumb and stress relief from my busy lifestyle and have found ongoing healing for every presenting need. Sam is a caring practitioner who applies her skills with professional ease. Her faith in the techniques she applies and the marvellous capacity of the human body to heal itself when given the right environment have been demonstrated on every occasion. Sam is empathetic, accomodating and works diligently to promote the well being of all her clients. Her smile is welcoming and her treatment room has a calming ambience. She practices what she believes, promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes good hydration with confidence. No challenge is too great for Sam! In my case her support has been instrumental in helping me achieve some very important lifetime goals. I feel relaxed and better able to face new challenges after every treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Green Valley Bowen Therapy as a wonderful centre for healing and maintenance for the achievement of optimal health and well being. Lorelle H – March 2015

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

OMG Sam, thankyou from the bottom of my heart. xx I have suffered from chronic back pain since I was 16 years old due to a small discrepancy in the length of my legs. As I grew older it just seemed to get worse and worse, and also generated into hip pain and shoulder pain. There were days I simply just did not ( or could not ) get out of bed due to the debilitating pain. Over the years I have tried every type of treatment I could, from physio, to chiropractic, to podiatry, to acupuncture…. Nothing seemed to help and for years I resorted to simply taking painkillers on a daily basis just to get through the days. Last year I discovered you and your amazing Bowen Therapy and I’ve never looked back. You were the first treatment I tried that really gave me genuine results. My shoulder pain is now virtually non existent and my hip and back pain are now manageable and are no longer spoiling my life. I come out of every treatment with you feeling amazing. You restore a sense of calm and balance back to both my body and my mind with each treatment. Additionally, the advice you offer on complimentary therapies and practices to engage in between treatments – such as suggesting yoga and aqua exercise, and aromatherapy treatments have further helped me with my overall wellbeing. I could not imagine my life without my regular Bowen treatments anymore. Sam, you have helped to turn my life around and I sincerely thank you. Naomi K – April 2016

Sciatic pain gone!

After years of ongoing pain I tried Bowen therapy with Sam and I am pleased to be able to add to her Bowen therapy reviews page for Bowen testimonials in Gold Coast area. At first I was skeptical. I had my first treatment and came away feeling great but was still in pain although I felt as though my hips had loosened up. After my second treatment I told Sam the sciatic pain was still there although I felt overall better than I had for years. She did the second treatment and I woke up the next day pain free and have been ever since. She is amazing! Thankyou Sam. Thankyou Green Valley Bowen Therapy in Gold Coast. Thankyou Bowen! Mal Jan 2017

Relaxed with no more stress.

I was so stressed out from my new job and trying to juggle kids and all my other commitments. One treatment from Sam and I felt amazing! So relaxed and ready to take on anything that comes my way. I go back once a month religiously for my wellness program. I have to admit, I feel so good after a treatment it is kind of addictive. Best physical therapy ever. I can’t wait for the next one to roll around. Go see Sam. You wont know how good you can feel until you have a treatment. Susie W – Currumbin – December 2014

I look and feel fantastic!

I was run down and feeling awful all the time. I had no energy, my hair and skin was dull and lifeless and I could hardly drag myself out of bed. I had not looked after myself for many years and it was taking its toll on me. My body was in constant nagging pain that would not go away. After my first treatment with Sam she told me to expect some detoxing over the next few days, and boy was she right. I felt like I had come down with the flu. I continued with drinking water and walking as she had advised and after a few days I was feeling much better. My second visit was a week later and I slept better than I had for years, and felt great. I had more energy and bounced out of bed in the mornings. After my third treatment all my aches and pains were gone and my friends and family were commenting on how healthy I looked and how much my skin glowed. One friend even asked me if I had botox! I am much happier and healthier now since my treatments with Sam and I don’t live in pain anymore. I have even lost some weight as I am able to exercise now. I am on a wellness program now, and love how it makes me feel. Go to Sam. She is a gifted therapist with healing hands. You wont regret it. Charlotte M – Burleigh Heads March 2015